Welcome to the catalogue raisonné of the artworks of Wilhelm Webels Home Biography Paintings Sculptures Woodcuts Watercolours Contacts painter and sculptor Expressive Realism Our aim: As son and granddaughter of Wilhelm Webels   we have undertaken the task of creating a website to pay homage to the artworks of the painter and sculptor Wilhelm Webels, and in so doing exhibiting and listing said works for all to enjoy and admire.                                                      There is no doubt in our mind that our father and grandfather would have been delighted to observe all his artworks in its entirely housed under one roof. This has now indeed become possible thanks to the advances in computers and internet which allows us to bring everything to the fore in one place.  As our aim is to paint as complete a picture as possible of all  Wilhelm Webels  art, we are endeavouring to individually exhibit each piece of artwork on this website. Many of the photos are over 50 years old and therefore may not represent the true colours originally intended to be transmitted through the particular work of art (see below). Others may have also been incorrectly photographed.  Some pieces are unfortunately unnamed and/or unnumbered as given the large volume of work released by this exceptional artist, some information naturally got lost along the years. For this reason we would be grateful  for any feedback provided by contributors via this portal. Should you be in possession of any of the artworks exhibited on this site and have further information about your particular piece of art, we kindly ask you to contact us through this form.     Likewise, should you notice that we have incorrect information corresponding to any pieces you may possess and are erroneously listed hereunder, we kindly ask you to contribute your information in order to keep the site as accurately updated as possible. We strongly believe that it is in the interest of all those who own any artwork by Wilhelm Webels  that each piece is faithfully represented in the correct manner. We will give our contribution as well and want to thank you in advance for your pleasant cooperation!    Hermann Webels        Christiane Webels   At this point we wish to again express  our warm thanks and gratitude to Mr. Pastor Hansen of Coesfeld who, after the death of Wilhelm Webels, together with Mrs. Maria Webels, wife of the late artist, worked in Willingen (Sauerland, Germany), where the artist spent the last 7 years of his life, towards documenting these fabulous pieces of art, thus laying the foundation stone which eventually made the realization of this website possible. Without their collaboration our endevour to bring together all of Wilhelm Webels art would have proved even more difficult. A big thanks also goes to Mrs. Elisabeth Stiewe nee’ Webels, who has placed at our disposal all the material on Wilhelm Webels held in her possession thus giving a huge contribution to the realization and the enrichment of the exhibited list of artworks.  Photos taken in the years 60-70 used films whose colours have changed tone with time and are therefore no longer usable.  To give you an idea how they appear today, here are some examples 1896 -1972
Without knowing the painting, today it is no longer possible to know which picture corresponds to the original work!
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